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About Us

People that know me, know that I am a true-blue entrepreneur that is an advocate for local business. As a local REALTOR, I am out and about within the community daily and I have opportunity to feel the pulse of our community and see the needs of the people through a different lens. The birth of Pure Laundry, was the providence of God. The growth happened quickly once the seed was planted and since that time, I have been aligned with the best of the best experts in making the dream flourish. While a real die hard entrepreneur is always looking for their next big idea, it often takes many rolls of the dice to land upon a truly worthy concept. When I set my mind on course to harness my next adventure, I never knew that it would involve laundry and dirty clothes. Those that know me well, may joke about me being in dirty laundry, but deep down, I think they are thinking that they also wish that their journey took them by the way of living their dream each day by being the master of their own destiny. 

So, what was the reason behind opening a laundry, you may ask? What I envisioned was really not so much a brick and mortar coin laundry, but rather a laundry service that would save people stress and frustration and give them back their most valuable asset of time. With a quality Laundry Valet Service, one could enhance their life by freeing themselves from being overwhelmed daily by too many “To Dos” and therefore, if there was a way to give back time, one could enjoy more family time, invest in personal growth and give something back to themselves that makes for a better quality for their life. That is really the meaning behind the word Pure – A more Pure life. 

Many people ask if Pure Laundry Company is a franchise. When this happens, I take that as a big compliment, but I know that when they ask this question, that what they are really doing is giving the highest compliment to Pure Laundry and attesting to the fact that what they have experienced and observed, Pure adheres to strict standards of quality work, professional customer service and high cleanliness standards, like those standards they find in a franchised business. While Pure is not a franchise, it does give off that feel when one first walks into a laundry. We just do things in a special way at pure and we always set the bar high. We live in a time in history where you only get one chance to make a first impression. 

We want our first impression to allow our customers to be compelled to leave us a 5 Star online review, upon first meeting. We have provided the best of the best in terms of cleaning machines. Electrolux is the Number One commercial cleaning machine on the market. It is a high-end product. When you stop and think about it, there is nothing like the feeling of putting on fresh clean clothes. We at Pure think that everyone deserves a beautiful clean place to wash their clothes and we offer that with a smile. It is the Pure way. Therefore, our slogan of Get Pure-Live Well, rings true each time the door opens. 

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